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Founded in 2006, Nishka Instruments (previously Mehta Tech) aims to and provides world-class Measuring Instruments and Accessories. Having worked with Manufacturing Unit Owners and Traders, Nishka Instruments understands the requirements, has developed industry standard’s measuring instruments most suitable for industries dealing in Petroleum, Pharmaceutical Chemical, Railways, Sugar, Textiles, Thermal Power and Hydro-Electric Power Generation. We strive to provide the best products and services to our clients so that they can carry out the required measurements and monitoring accurately

A little Bit About Us

Nishka Instruments’s main area of expertise lies in manufacturing and supplying instruments such as Level Measurement, Pressure Measurement, Temperature Measurement and related accessories.

We are continuously evolving our product line to meet the standard industry requirements as well as to comply with the specific customer requirements.

We draw a wealth of experience from the founder Mr. Keyur Mehta who worked at his father’s Pressure Measurement instrument’s manufacturing unit before he concepted and founded his own company, Nishka Instruments.

In just two years since our inception, we have worked with close to 100 clients, consisting of manufacturing units and traders, in Petroleum, Pharmaceutical Chemical, Railways, Sugar, Textiles, Thermal Power &s; Hydro-Electric Power Generation, Food & Beverages and Dairy Industries

Mr Keyur Mehta has completed his BE in Production Engineering from Mumbai University and is the brain behind the success of Nishka Instruments.

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