Miniature Top Mount Level Switch Top 020 (SS)



liquid Sp. gr. Min : 1.0

Temperature Max : 120 °C

Test Pressure Max : 2 Kg/cm2

MOC : SS304/SS 316  Float : Ø28

Connection : M10 with washer & lock nut

Switch Capacity : 10 VA (NO)

Switch Action : NO to NC

Reversible Switch Action : Yes

Differential : ±3 mm

Switching Voltage Max : 140 VAC/200 VDC

Switching Current Max : 0.5 A

Termination : 1meter extn. Leads


Water, hydrocarbons, edible oils, acids & alkalies, vending machines for food, beverage, tea & coffee, chiller compressor, plastic extruder, spark erosion/ special purpose/ hydraulic machines, humidifier, dosing equipments for water/ effluent treatment plants and bilge level control in ships


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